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Atlantic Challenge – Oyster and Stout Event – 11th December 2021

Friendship Atlantic will be hosting a charity event in collaboration with Topsham Brewery and Rockfish, with Back Beach Boyz playing music for the event.

Topsham Brewery have brewed a specially made oyster stout for the event and Rockfish will be serving pacific coast oysters to accompany the drinks.

The Friend brothers will be attending and answering any questions you may have about the Atlantic Challenge or otherwise.

All profits from sales will be donated to the Friend brothers chosen charities: Friends of Kiwoko Hospital, Drive Forward and CHAT

The Atlantic Challenge

Action Fundraisers are delighted to be part of the team supporting the Friend brothers row across the Atlantic in the Talisker Whisky Challenge. Four brothers, two sets of twins – Jack, Hamish, Arthur and Euan Friend, will be setting off in December 2022 to row 3000 miles from the Canaries to Antigua.

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Writing, Printing, Delivery and Processing

Here is our short video about what to consider when you’re planning your direct mail campaign. Here are our tips for writing, printing, delivery, and processing direct mail.

Writing: Writing an interesting letter is the key to a successful mail campaign with lots of responses from donors.

Printing: Look for good value printing and an efficient envelope fulfilment and addressing system.

Security: Ensure that yours and your donors data is kept secure and complies with GDPR regulations.

Processing: Have a system that manages your responses, thanks your donors and safely banks any donations.

DM Has Shone in a Challenging Year

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic, although vastly changing the marketing practices of many businesses, has had little impact on Direct Mail.

Judith Donovan, speaking just before the start of the second UK lockdown, said: “charities still need to reach out to supporters in order to fundraise. The decision by HMRC to apply standard rate VAT to all charity advertising on Facebook, resulting in a rise in cost of around 20%, is another move in favour of physical mail”.

Charities that continued direct mail campaigns during lockdowns achieved their highest response rates in recent years.

JICMail found that 8.7% of all advertising mail, including direct mail, door drops and business mail, drove traffic to advertiser websites in Q3, up from 6.5% in 2019 and represents a 33% increase year-on-year.

Rising Impact of Direct Mail

JICMail’s Q4 data provided a litany of promising signs for direct mail and its place within marketing.

5.7% of all ad mail and business mail prompted a purchase in Q4, which represents 19% growth year-on-year.

The average door drop is interacted with 3.06 times per month, direct mail 4.4 times and business mail 4.88 times.

Lastly, the length of time mail spends in people’s homes has also increased. The average piece of direct mail is in the home for 8.1 days before being filed or disposed of, which represents 4% growth year-on-year.

How to Write a DM

You’ve got about five seconds from a letter is opened to grab the readers attention. Here are our tips for ensuring they continue to read on!

1: Write a headline that’s attention grabbing.

2: Start early with ‘You’. Make it personal to the reader.

3: Having a good picture to help tell your story. It will paint a thousand words.

4: Be up front with your readers on how much funding your campaign requires.

5: Remind the reader how they can help and make it easy for them to do so.

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